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quinta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2010

The broken-wing angel

This is the release for my mom's first book, "The Broken-Wing Angel".

The exciting story of an angel, Pepim, in the upcoming book "The Broken-Wing Angel", is a great message of resilience and hope. The book was written by Maria Beatriz Kumm Collares, a 55-years old Brazilian artist who decided it was time to indulge herself into literary endeavours. The book will be released at 20 pm this Friday, December 17, at the Municipal Arts Gallery located in the Cultural Foundation of Itajai, Santa Catarina.

The book tells the story of Pepim, an angel with a broken wing who, unable to fly, lived happily in the sky in the company of other angels, until the day he decided to demand his right to be born on earth, even warned that, when in land, he would not be able to move. Embodied in the form of a child with special needs, Pepim decided to live in a city by the sea, Itajaí, where he befriended a seagull named "Mrs. Queen." On the wings of Mrs. Queen, Pepim travels to discover the world, its beauties and its evils, in an adventure full of emotions and revelations.

This was the universe created by the author as a way to entertain her daughter Roberta, 28, who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Her experience as a parent-caregiver, led Maria Beatriz Kumm Collares to create a magical and enchanted world where her daughter could have contact with outstanding personalities from Itajaí, such as the character who cared for injured birds that appeared at Fazenda1s Bay mangrove.

More than a beautiful message of resilience and hope, the children's book "The Angel of Broken Wing," is a work that seeks to inspire other mothers and caregivers, helping them see the world from another perspective.
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